Mount Karkom Jeep Tour

The combination of nature  the wilderness of the Negev Desert and a possible identification of Mount Karkom as Mount Sinai creates the atmosphere for an exciting tour.


The tour explores 3 main subjects.

1. The theory that Mount Karkom is Mount Sinai - we will answer this question.

2. Mount Karkom rockart which  we will try to decipher them.

3.  Desert ritual  we will retrace it to understand the religious belief of the time.


Mount  Karkom

Where is Mount Sinai? Is Mount Karkom Mount Sinai? Our tour to Mount Karkom explores these questions. Many  adventurers are still searching for the real Mount Sinai despite the fact that Mount Sinai location was "forgotten"  but the quest continues vigorously. The last theory about  Mount Sinai is that it  is Mount Karkom.   Archeological evidence found here suggests that Mount Karkom was a cult center and a sacred mountain. The signs of  worship here includes: Rock Art ,Pillars, Stone Circles, Geoglyphs  , Tumuli and Altars. The combination of nature  tour and a possible identification of Mount Karkom as Mount Sinai creates an atmosphere for an exciting tour. Check our Rock Art Exhibition

Our jeep tours in Mount Karkom

The basic tour is of 1 day that  includes a  jeep ride to the mountain and about 4 hour walking tour . To comply with military restriction the jeep tours are running only on weekends and Holidays.


tour type

tour description



Mount Karkom

1 day Mount Karkom Begins/End in Mitzpe Ramon

1 day


Mount Karkom

1st day camping in  Mount Karkom.   2nd day 6-8  hours walking tour

2 days